I am by no means unique as so many of you have been touched by cancer. My late wife Jenny passed away two years ago after enduring brain cancer for more than two years. My twin brother Stephen is fighting a very aggressive skin cancer, last month a cycling buddy of mine from Tasmania succumbed to liver cancer and two friends of long standing are also fighting their own battle.

I will be cycling 160Km on Sunday, February 21 with fellow Freemasons and many others as part of the Ballarat Cycling Classic, raising funds for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute. So if you have ever wondered how you can do something to help cancer research, then I call on you to assist me by donating to ballaratcycleclassic.gofundraise.com.au.

I have raised $400 so far of a modest target of $700 assisted by a generous $100 pledge over the weekend by a brother mason in Inverloch.

Cancer treatment has made great progress in recent years and very soon we will have a greatly expanded cancer treatment facility at Bass Coast Health. However, much still needs to be done and even the smallest of donations are greatly appreciated.

You can stop me in the street and make a donation in person which I believe is more human than online activity or you can make donations in person at the Wheel Heat bike shop, 21 McBride Avenue Wonthaggi.

My part is easy compared to those of us who are afflicted by this insidious blot on mankind as all I have to do is pedal a bike for a few hours. Every pedal push will assist someone somewhere someday.

Ken Barnes, Wonthaggi