I write in support of Butch West’s letter to the Sentinel-Times on January 19. The drive from Cape Paterson to Inverloch, ‘Coastal views’.

I have lived all my life in Glen Alvie which is over 80 years, and until the past few years, have always considered this drive to be one of the best tourist attractions in this area. Over the years when we have had tourists from other areas, we were always pleased to take them on this drive.

I have been saying for the past few years, I wouldn’t take anybody on that drive now as you can’t see enough of the water from the car.

Only last week I had occasion to drive that way from Cape Paterson around Eagles Nest to Inverloch and I think it is appalling that such a lovely drive has been ruined by allowing so much scrub and undergrowth to take over the view.

What a great idea it would be to have a cycle track, and some viewing areas, where you could sit in your car, perhaps even have a thermos and some sandwiches with you and enjoy the water views. Especially for people who are unable to walk far.

Once again, we would then have a top tourist attraction.

Jean Matthews, Glen Alvie.