I am writing to acknowledge an error in the information given to the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times that was subsequently published in last week’s paper.

During my interview with Michael Giles, I wrongly recalled the date of my resignation from council, this has caused some confusion.
There was no intent to mislead the managing director of the Sentinel-Times nor the public, it was an honest mistake for which my apologies are offered.

The family partnership was, in fact, issued with one planning permit to subdivide three lots in 2018 whilst a councillor.
A second planning permit application for another three-lot subdivision was lodged in 2020 after my retirement from council in 2019.

Contrary to the innuendo and misinformation contained in the Voices article authored by the “Carpe Diem” these applications were made strictly in accordance with all proper processes and procedures. There was no contact by former councillors for comment on their article, rather they seem to have taken the opportunity to cobble together some so-called “facts” to create a very biased and misleading story.

Lorraine Brunt, Poowong.