TWENTY-SEVEN mixed sex cattle will be up for sale at Koonwarra’s fortnightly store sale on Friday to raise money for Outtrim Moyarra Kongwak (OMK) Cricket Club’s annual Pink Stumps Day.

Event organiser Amy White said 18 farmers from across the district took on the calves to fatten them for the fundraiser.

SEJ funded 24 of the calves, with three donated to the cause.

“With the help of SEJ, last March the cattle were bought and agisted, with the aim to coincide the sale with Pink Stumps Day,” Amy said.

She hoped it would raise over $25,000 for the McGrath Foundation. The cattle are Angus, Black Baldy and Herefords, averaging $770 a head at 250 kilos when bought last year.

OMK’s Pink Stumps Day event is in its sixth year and is slated to be held this Saturday, February 27. An online auction is also being held, with 44 items up for sale on Facebook.