Your editorial (‘Do we really want a new council?’, February 2) suggested South Gippsland Shire Council is better served by having administrators rather than having elected councillors, some might agree, many would not.

People will recall the most recent group of elected councillors were dismissed (due to purported dysfunction and disagreements) by a Minister who has since been sacked for [alleged] corruption.

A Minister from a distant state government, that most South Gippslanders did not vote for, who appointed and would appoint any future administrators.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying: ‘Democracy is the worst system of government… except for all the others’. If our local government should come from appointments made by a state government, perhaps state governments should be appointed by federal governments and so on.

I’d rather have local, democratically elected councillors, answerable to the community, who live locally and are invested in South Gippsland.

Steve Finlay, Leongatha.