Many community members had been very concerned about the proposal to expand the Dandy Premix Pty Ltd sand extraction site at Grantville.

What a relief to the writers of the 73 objections and many others to hear all councillors speak out and vote against the proposal.

In their detailed alternative motion, councillors showed a keen understanding of the need to protect the important biolink on the quarry site. As part of the biolink stretching from Nyora-Lang Lang to Grantville and beyond, it is essential to the biodiversity of the region.

Should the state government insist on the proposed expansion of the quarry going ahead, councillors, in a well-researched and eloquently-written document, lay down strict guidelines to be followed to protect the environment as much as possible and to address other issues such as traffic, noise and hours of operation.

A special thank you to Cr Leticia Laing who presented the alternative motion and to Cr Michael Whelan who was a major contributor to it and to Cr David Rooks who also helped.

It is good to know that council is supporting the community and being a pro-active advocate for our precious natural environment and life-style amenity and tourist-based rather than extractive industry-based economy.

Congratulations, thank you and well done, BCSC councillors!

Meryl and Hartley Tobin, Grantville.