Apparently self-proclaimed dog loving Frances Joyce (letter to Sentinel Times, January26), was shocked to find off-leash dogs on an off-leash beach. I was equally shocked by some of her observations. Whilst I normally use the off-leash beach twice a day, I can’t recall it ever being devoid of children on a warm summer’s day, except, of course, when it’s underwater. Likewise, it seems the number of inconsiderate owners not picking up after their pets happened to increase exponentially on the very day Ms Joyce visited.

According to Ms Joyce our council prioritises dogs over humans. Last time I checked most dog owners (approximately 40 per cent of the population) are human and yet are banned from numerous public spaces when walking with an on-leash dog. Far from getting any priority, dog owners are perhaps the last group of people in Australia where discrimination remains both legal and regularly practiced by authorities.

As Ms Joyce acknowledged in her letter, the vast majority of beaches in Victoria are not dog owner friendly. There are numerous beach areas, including in Inverloch, where she can avoid dogs completely during her “few days” summer stay. Why then doesn’t she use them and leave those of us who enjoy being with our dogs every day of the year in peace.

Keith Finney, Inverloch