By Sam Watson

THE Inaugural LDCA’s girls’ competition has come to an end and it’s certainly here to stay.

Three games were played over the past month between Inverloch and the LDCA All-Stars with the All-Stars picking up all three wins.

LDCA female cricket sub-committee president Dave Hynes said the competition was a great success.

After the first game, the participation of girls who had never played cricket before grew immensely.

“They’ve always read about it in the paper or heard about it and it’s obviously encouraged them to come along and play, which is exactly what we wanted,” Hynes said.

Hynes said he and many others involved absolutely noticed the improvement amongst the young cricketers.

“There were some girls didn’t know how to bowl at the first training session and now their actions were spot on.

“There’s been a huge improvement in all of the girls.”

Hynes’ and the sub-committee intend to grow the competition as much as possible and give the girls confidence that will be a competition for them each year.

Over winter, they will try to get an all-girls indoor cricket side up and running and they’re also looking at getting female-specific coaching clinics at indoor facilities.

Hynes also hopes to continue promoting gender diversity in cricket across the board.

“Our focus from here is to empower as many women, not just young women, but mums as well, to get involved not only in administration but actually in the coaching roles as well,” Hynes said.

“Providing opportunities for them to do coaching courses is a real focus now.”