COMMUNITY spirit in Meeniyan has been strengthened by the introduction of a new support project.

The Meeniyan Community Cupboard allows people who may need assistance to anonymously collect free non-perishable household staples for their use.

Lauren Jacovou from Bread and Pickle and Meeniyan local Rosie Curwain brought the idea to life and have had the cupboard up and running for three weeks now at the Meeniyan Community Garden.

“It’s been great,” Rosie said.

“People can come by with no fanfare and they don’t have to ask,” Lauren added.

There is a sealed container next to the cupboard, where people can leave donations such as deodorant, nappies, pasta and tinned goods.

Lauren, who already runs a food bank program with the local primary school, hoped the idea of paying forward would extend beyond the cupboard project.

“It doesn’t have to be limited to the basic necessities of food,” she said.

“What about what we consider a luxury, like a haircut?”