The scale of the landslip, which has undermined the South Gippsland Highway near the Black Spur realignment works, east of Koonwarra, was clearly visible to rail trail users over the weekend.


THE South Gippsland Highway was reduced to one lane near the site of major highway realignment works, east of Koonwarra at the weekend, after a sizeable landslip threatened to undermine the road.

Engineers were at the location on Sunday assessing the damage at the works site below the highway, while above on the road, traffic lights controlled one-way traffic.

An alert about the damage was issued by the State Emergency Service on Saturday evening, February 6 and crews worked well into the night to erect traffic controls while continuing the warn that the area remained unstable.

SES issued the following advisory:

“A landslide has occurred next to the South Gippsland Highway between Caithness and Minns roads. The integrity of the South Gippsland Highway at this location is being assessed.

“Stay away from the landslide area. The slope may continue to move for hours or days afterwards.”

People were urged to avoid the area if possible.

“The landslide has resulted in the South Gippsland Highway being potentially compromised at this location,” said the SES warning of possible delays at the site.

“Further restrictions or closure may be required on the South Gippsland Highway.”

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The State Emergency Service in conjunction with Vicroads expects to provide a further update.