KORUMBURRA Secondary College hosted mentoring meetings for all students last week before welcoming them back to classrooms on Monday, February 1.

Principal Vaya Dauphin explained the mentor program brought the student and their family together with their main support teacher three times a year.

“We use the fancy term ‘metacognition’- students learn to unpack their own learning and thinking,” Ms Dauphin said.

“The students reflect and celebrate what they are doing well and what they can improve on.”

Each term the student is given a profile page summarising their performance across a range of categories.

“They can track their own learning each term and [it] helps make clear to the student what the parameters of success are,” she said.

In all, 80 year 7s started high school on Monday, with four days of a transition program for them this week.

“Normally the transition process would have the kids visit four times, but last year [due to COVID-19] they only visited once,” Ms Dauphin said.

The school welcomed some new teachers this term, with Olivia Schwartz and Toby Mahoney teaching maths, Gab Patterson taking on Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Strategy (MYLNS) and Ryan Blake teaching English and Japanese.

“We’re excited to have Mr Blake to add to our Japanese program,” Ms Dauphin said.

Ms Dauphin said teachers were excited to welcome students back after a disruptive 2020.

“We have swimming sports coming up- the idea that events like that will be back to normal is exciting,” she said.

“It’s a good feeling.”