PROM Coast Martial Arts Club (PCMAC) has now resumed training for 2021 after a COVID-enforced hiatus for most of 2020.

As usual, training this year will be held in Fish Creek at the Fish Creek Hall and at Inverloch at the Inverloch Community Hub Centre.

Training is held on Monday nights in Fish Creek and on Tuesday nights in Inverloch.

Masters Andy and Karen Law have over 30 years’ experience in various martial art forms and have been practising Yang and Chen style Tai Chi for the past 20 years.

Classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Prospective students with vast experience or those with no experience at all are welcome to come along to train with very dedicated Masters and students.

PCMAC follows traditional training methods. Traditional Tai Chi encompasses Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong (energy health practices) and Chinese WuShu (martial arts) theories to provide a base for a system evolved over many centuries to promote better health through improvement to both blood and energy flow which is obtained through the ability to soften/open the body’s joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.

An extremely important aspect of correct Tai Chi practice is to achieve a better balance in life both within the body and externally; this can also be called the balance of Yin/Yang.

Only through proper traditional training instruction can this balance commence to have impact on one’s health and life.

Traditional Tai Chi teaching revolves around the individual learning when they’re ready rather than forcing or pushing someone to learn something for which they may not be ready. This way is the natural way of learning with no pressure or expectation to know or do anything and this is also known as following the Dao or the natural way to create the zhongqi (peaceful or middle energy) to allow the body to balance and become stronger/healthier internally.

Tai Chi practice, while seemingly complex, is in fact quite simple and easy to perform if practised with the correct attitude. Andy and Karen’s experience has always been students that can practise/learn without worry or pressure to perform will eventually achieve the benefits Tai Chi as a holistic system has to offer and are always reminding students to take their time and not push themselves to learn to quickly as this will create an obstacle along the path of correct learning/study.

Tai Chi is meant to be for all, no matter what perceived abilities. Individuals are always advised to just do their best and that this will be good enough, maybe to even become a Master one day!

Anyone interested in knowing more about Tai Chi or wanting to train with Masters Andy or Karen at Prom Coast Martial Arts Club should call Andy on 0409 871 305 or Karen on 0438 871 188 or go to Classes are held in Inverloch and Fish Creek. Other private and/or group sessions by arrangement.