I’m yet again deeply disappointed in the local elected representatives of the Nationals Party, especially my local state member, Danny O’Brien.

I see Mr O’Brien spoke out about the perceived negatives regarding the Bill to decriminalise public drunkenness 30 years after it was first recommended by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in custody.

We need to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody, as they are a disgrace and unacceptable under any measure and the only way to do it is through change.

Maybe Mr O’Brien should look at the positives and try to get more resources to assist police in rural settings?

I was also very upset to see Mr O’Brien abstain by not attending the vote to outlaw gay conversion therapy. At least Mr O’Brien should have the guts to vote against it rather than hide, to hide is nearly worse than just voting against the bill.

These are progressive positive changes that will make positive changes to people’s lives and their families and their communities and Mr O’Brien’s actions or lack of actions are nothing but shameful.

From the state Nationals’ support for native forest logging, cattlemen in the high country to duck shooting, the Nationals Party represents the views of the minority with the largest voices and not the majority.

I would say to all our local Nationals Party members of Parliament, get out and listen to more people than the Nationals Party membership and you may learn something and realise your electorates are changing for the better.

The Nationals Members of Parliament at state and federal level need to learn and be willing to represent different views even if they go against their own views as they are supposed to represent us, not themselves or minority views.

Stephen Koci, Mirboo North.