By Tom McNish

ON the first day of school, these retired Wonthaggi Secondary College teachers enjoy catching up, free of the school year ahead.

Sue Candeis said the big group take two-minute talks on their year to catch up.

“Usually we catch on travelling adventures, but this year our stories were within our closer communities,” Sue said.

“It’s nice to stay involved in the community through volunteering. Many of the group contribute to activities like the seed bank, Wonthaggi theatrical group, BCAL, the historical society.

“Many spoke about how active they are, being members of walking groups, riding bikes on the rail trails, creating new artworks and so much more. They continue to thrive and inspire others,” Sue said.

Meryl Tobin was one of the original teachers to form the group.

“One day I came across several teachers, Irene Williams, Jill Miles and Jillian Sutton, from memory, having a cup of tea at the cafe in the walk-through opposite in the IGA in Wonthaggi.  

“I think it was the first day of the school year for teachers and they had decided to celebrate that, for the first time, they hadn’t had to go to school that day as they had retired,” Meryl said.

“That gave me the idea to meet every year with all retired ladies from the Wonthaggi Secondary College,” she said.

Eventually as the numbers grew the catch ups grew a little too long.

“Sue and Jillian O came up with the idea that each attendee give a two-minute talk about what they’d done during the year,” she said.

“As it means everyone gets to hear everyone else’s news, it has become a very popular feature of the reunion!” Meryl said.