There’s much more for students to see on Phillip Island besides the penguins (see PINP ‘Learning Experiences’ but we reckon they will make sure their parents bring them back.


WE DON’T appreciate it like we should, because we live here, but Phillip Island really is fantastic.

And with so much to see, do and experience, the school groups have started flocking back to the Island in big numbers, starting last week with a large number of school buses from the south eastern suburbs seen in the area lapping up the sun, scenery and wildlife.

According to a spokesperson for Phillip Island Nature Parks and also Wildlife Coast Cruises, two of our leading tourism operators, their school bookings don’t start until this week but already it looks set to be a bumper season after the 2020 COVID-lockdown kept everyone inside and at home.

“The first of our school excursion bookings is from this week, so any of last week’s coaches may just be on a general sightseeing tour,” said a PINP spokesperson.

“Our Education department has put together a fabulous document for our 2021 Learning Experiences which we have sent out to schools right around the state.

“As you’ll see, there’s an enormous array of learning activities for all age ranges to be had down here, that align both with curricular requirements, and our conservation values.”

And by all accounts the ‘Learning Experiences’ offer has been hugely well received. Expect to see lots more school coaches coming our way.

SCHOOLS: Check it out for yourself at:

Wildlife Coast Cruisers have just come off a busy summer holiday season and will also start hosting school groups from this week.

It’s another side to the visitor economy at Phillip Island which looks to be really having a strong run this year, so far, especially with more people ‘holidaying at home’.