February is a great time to pause for a cause.

Now that the challenging year that was 2020 is behind us, it’s the perfect time to reset.

Febfast – which is an annual fundraiser for my organisation, the Youth Support + Advocacy Service – is now open for registrations. It is a great way to reset drinking habits, feel healthier and even save a little bit of money.

The funds raised help YSAS to support young people who are vulnerable, or at high-risk of being affected by drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and social disconnection. Many of the young people we meet come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect and trauma.

And without the skills, support and services to improve their wellbeing, these young people may never have the chance to truly thrive. We want to change that.

Every year, Febfasters help provide safe housing, access to youth workers and ongoing counselling so disadvantaged young people have every opportunity to succeed.

This year, I hope you’ll join thousands of people who are getting their health back on track by taking a pause for a cause. It’s not too late to register. You can sign up at febfast.org.au.

Andrew Bruun, Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) CEO.