What have the Myanmar military and the Victorian state government got in common?

They both have a habit of putting their citizens into home detention.

Last Friday I was at my local park blissfully unaware that Chairman Dan had ordered us all back indoors. I discovered the news when I returned home along with the fact that Australia Open tennis players were ‘essential workers’. What kind of madness is this?

I was hoping this year was going to see a return to some sort of normal at the state government level. If anything, early indications are that it may be worse.

Businesses were given just hours to prepare for the lockdown. Spare a thought for all those cafes and restaurants who had placed large stock orders and had to cancel their bookings for one of the biggest weekends on the calendar.

This Labor government treats East Gippsland the same as Mildura. And it treats both of them the same as inner-city Melbourne. There is no finesse.

It appears that state Labor has utter contempt for non-government jobs and keeps putting in place conditions that destroy them. The only thing keeping them afloat is the federal support from Morrison and Frydenberg. Dan would like us to think that he is all care, but he is certainly no responsibility and the feds pick up his tab.

So why another lockdown? State Labor has failed to manage hotel quarantine. Again. After the first failure last year, Dan launched an inquiry which he had hoped would kick the can down the road and take some pressure off his government.

He had centralised power within his own department and when it came time for him to testify, he threw his own Health Minister under the bus. The most extraordinary thing is that this inquiry never answered the most fundamental question: who set up the hotel quarantine system? It was the most outrageous evasion of governmental responsibility I have ever seen in Victoria. Bring on a Royal Commission.

Dan has been doing everything he can to get his hands on more emergency powers. He is drunk on power and will not remove himself.

Bring on the next election so that we can remove the most incompetent government in Victorian history. I just hope that the state can hang on that long. Victoria has become unrecognisable from what it used to be. Victoria used to be known as the Garden State.

Under Dan’s hard, authoritarian dystopia is has simply become the State of Disaster.

Julian Brown, Inverloch.