Tidal River was in full flood mid-week, prompting Parks Victoria to close the park and evacuate campers until waters subsided.

PARTS of South Gippsland, especially in the hills above Yarram, were deluged with east-coast rains, with more than 200 millilitres falling in the Carrajung area in the space of little more than 24 hours.

Wilsons Promontory scored similar amounts and it came so quickly that it flooded Tidal River and cut roads into the Prom prompting Parks Victoria to recommend that campers leave to be on the safe side.

It wasn’t an evacuation order however.

According to Area Chief Ranger, Parks Victoria, Brett Mitchell, the concern was that the camping ground might become flooded.

“Like many parts of Gippsland, Wilsons Promontory National Park received more than 200 millilitres of rainfall yesterday. The main road was inundated preventing access to the park,” Mr Mitchell said.

“There was also a risk that Tidal River may flood the camping area so we advised campers to leave the park if they were able, but it was not necessary to issue an evacuation order.

“We expect the floodwaters to recede today (Thursday) and are planning to re-open the park tomorrow (Friday).”

Weekend bookings are being honoured and as many visitors to the Prom will know, the park bounces back remarkably well and quickly after rain.


* Due to flooding and adverse weather conditions Wilsons Promontory National Park was closed until Friday, March 26.

* There’s been significant damage to the southern walking tracks, including Sealers Cove, meaning that these tracks will remain closed until risk assessments can be carried out.

* This event was nothing like the major flooding event at Wilsons Prom in 2011.