Police searched farming properties in the Inverloch area for signs of the missing woman.


POLICE left no stone unturned in their search for missing Inverloch woman, Trish Backhurst, 81, today adding 20 additional officers to the search effort and extending their search area beyond the town boundaries.

Their efforts came as stepdaughter of Ms Backhurst, Karen Wallace made an impassioned plea on ABC Radio on Friday morning, while at the same time praising police and local residents for their assistance.

“It’s incomprehensible that someone could just disappear like that but she’s such a private person, she keeps to herself,” said Karen, in that hope that her mother might simply have gone into the wrong house and be staying there.

“Everyone has been so good looking in their garages and sheds but also some have even been leaving a light on at night in the hope she might see it and come in.”

Karen said as well as being a very difficult time, it was also frustrating simply not knowing what might have happened.

The missing woman is Patricia ‘Trish’ Backhurst.

Police continued to knock on doors and search properties in Inverloch but also extended their search out along the Bass Highway and nearby farms with the thought that Ms Backhurst might have wandered further afield than the main search area around Screw Creek.

They also walked along the roadside in case Ms Backhurst was hit by a car, but so far to no avail.

“We’ve completed the search of the town area and the guys came back in from the Bass Highway and surrounding farms with nothing to report,” said Inverloch Police Sergeant Adrian Condron.

“They’ve started looking along the Inverloch-Kongwak Road now and along the Leongatha road as well as part of expanding our search area.”

Police say the search will continue.

They hope that holiday home owners might find Ms Backhurst when they visit their homes over the weekend.

Police also looked along the roadside for any sign of the missing woman.