IT’S out, finally.

The Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has been released today.

It’s a hard read.

So much so that the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today that generational change is now required, acknowledging that one in three Australians living in residential aged care are living in conditions that are below the required standard.

“It is as shocking as I feared it would be,” Mr Morrison said.

How much money is required to fix it is not known at this point, he said.

Leaving regional areas like Bass Coast and South Gippsland, with a chronic undersupply of high-care beds with no obvious way forward, given that all areas of aged care are poorly funded and poorly organised.

“This report only highlights how complex the situation is,” Mr Morrison said.

See list of recommendations

There are a number of recommendations that relate to older Australians living at home.

Including ‘Recommendation 40: Transition to care at home’

  1. The recommendation says the Australian Government should commence the transition to the care
    at home category by ensuring:
    (a.) from 1 July 2022, any older person that is accessing the Home Care Packages Program can also access supports from the new respite or social support grant categories. These supports should be in addition to the Home Care Package and not be paid for from Home Care Package funds. This should also apply to the assistive technology and home modifications category, but a short assessment should be undertaken to determine the needs of older people for this category.

(b.) from 1 December 2023, all older people who are assessed for aged care in their home, should be assessed for a Home Care Package level as well as the equivalent classification in the new care at home category.

(c.) between 1 July 2024 and 1 July 2025, any older people who are still accessing the Home Care Packages Program (and do not yet have a care at home classification) should be assessed for a care at home classification, so long as the classification does not disadvantage the person (for example, it does not offer lower funding than they had been receiving under the Home Care Packages Program).

2. To support this transition, the Australian Government should increase the assessment workforce between 1 July 2023 and 1 July 2025.