With Jim’s Bait and Tackle

Annie ticked off a bucket list item when she landed this tuna.

Amanda also landed a tuna.

Craig from Island Offshore Charters managed to find a few nice ones as the tuna continue to hang around.

ENTRIES have been good for our Good Friday Appeal Easter Fishing Competition and we have had more sponsors come on board with more prizes.

We have added a bit of extra this year and included a couple of auctions in the week before good Friday. Wednesday and Thursday, we will have a couple of our regular Facebook auctions, the difference being whatever the auctions make will be added to our total from the entries and donated to the Good Friday Appeal. Both auctions are valued at over $300 each and will have no reserve so will be sold to the highest bidder.
Those who know our Facebook auctions will know what’s involved, but if you haven’t had a look before, jump onto our Facebook page and the details are there. We have also added another prize valued at more than $200 which will be a lucky entry draw and will be a team draw to share with those on your entry.

This now takes the total prize pool to over $8000 and more than 50 ways to win something, mostly just for just entering. Writing this on Sunday, there are fewer than 10 kids packs left and once they are gone, that’s it for them unfortunately, they can still enter but no show bags. Early entry finishes on March 26 to go into the draw for the $100 Watermark restaurant voucher. You can enter over the phone to secure your entry, but entry must also be paid for.

Another week and another bunch of tuna reports – it just doesn’t seem as they are going to slow down. We get asked 100 times a week how long will they last, and the reality is no one knows, but they will move on at some stage and maybe there are signs of that happening with reports this week also telling us once they came on they would take anything, maybe the bait is running out. Then of course there is every chance more food will turn up and they will stay around and become just another species that you can catch here. There is an interesting pattern with the commercial tuna fishermen, having to fish further east than normal over the last couple of years and larger schools of tuna showing up here.

Currents, weather patterns and food sources are forever changing and it’s possibly just another one of those cycles – who knows just take advantage while this cycle is happening.

There were a couple of good flathead reports this week as well but nothing all that big, just a little better than average-size ones and, once you had your bag, you finished up with a decent amount of tails. Finding them wasn’t all that easy and plenty of searching was needed or working with someone else was helpful to cover more ground. Once you found them, it was just a matter of working the patch and filtering out the small ones and the rest of the fish out there. It’s hard to give a best spot because there was so many different areas but around 40m of water was probably common to all.

There were some very good reports of snapper come in caught in the bay this week and they have been much better than the 10cm one driving everyone a little crazy. The small ones are still there but fishing the right times you will find the bigger ones, certainly not the 5kg models that are around in the early part of the season but very respectable at around 40cm. The best time has been evening and after dark and on the run-out tide, the odd one during the day but that’s once the smaller ones have had enough to eat. Depths have been all over the place and I would just head to an area that you know and look around. The reports came from shallow 3m to the deeper 14m so no real pattern in the depth.
We actually had a few calamari reports this week from off the land and the boats, while there weren’t bags of them caught, there were a few and quality in size. Mixture of baited and artificial jigs, but at least those who targeted them found some, which has been better than the last few weeks.

Several reports of whiting, but twice as many from those who missed out with the main thing to come from the reports was if you sit in the one spot for hours, chances were you caught very little. Keep moving until you catch a couple then just keep moving and chances are you will finish up with a reasonable bag. This was the same story that we got from everyone that was successful no matter where they were fishing.