LOCALS are a step closer in their campaign to get the Wonthaggi Town (Cape Paterson) bus service to run on weekends.

Last week, Cape Paterson resident Robert Hayward and Bass Coast Shire Cr Leticia Laing met with Bass MP Jordan Crugnale to discuss the petition for a regular weekend bus service as well as extending the bus route for The Cape estate residents.

Mr Hayward has been working hard with other residents to collect signatures for the petition, which was presented to Ms Crugnale at the meeting.

The petition received 409 signatures and it is expected to be tabled in the State Parliament Legislative Assembly by Ms Crugnale in coming weeks.

Mr Hayward said it was a group effort with several local businesses and individuals supporting the petition by hosting a few copies in their stores and requesting signatures.

“We are very grateful to everyone who signed and passed the petition around. To receive this much support in such a short time demonstrates the need for this service,” he said.

“There are many people who may not take buses on weekdays that would most definitely take this route on the weekend to enjoy the Cape Paterson beaches.
“Not to mention all the residents in Cape Paterson who don’t have access to a car or want to reduce their carbon footprint by taking the bus to Wonthaggi. The nearest bus stop is also too far from The Cape estate.”

Cr Laing, who had been working with Robert since before she was elected as councillor, said there was a growing need for this service.

“As a Cape Paterson resident, I see a lot of young people begging their parents for a lift to Wonny and vice versa,” she said.

“School kids are exactly the kind of market who might not use the service as much on weekdays but would greatly benefit from its availability on weekends.
“Our community deserves quality public transport to improve accessibility and general wellbeing. It would fantastic to see this project as a line item in the upcoming state budget.”