Fish Creek was thriving for the Children’s Literature Day on March 7, however, the influx of visitors overwhelmed the town’s sewerage system.

By Tom McNish

FISH Creek’s “outdated” sewerage systems can’t keep up with high demand and locals say it stinks.
Fish Creek Community Development Group president Craig Privett said the town was being held back by its sewerage services and facilities.
“Since COVID, we’ve had artists, performers and creatives return to Fish Creek and they know the town’s potential for festival and shows,” Craig said.
“But right now, they can’t go ahead because when we have crowds, the sewage ends up stinking through the streets,” he said.
Historically, there have been proposals to upgrade the facilities.
Although Craig fears, once again, the town’s residents won’t be able to afford the upgrades.
“Thirty years ago, they couldn’t afford it, 2013 they couldn’t afford it, so who knows what it is going to be this time,” he said.
Craig estimates the cost per house will be well in excess of the 2013 quote of $30,000.
“These 100 homes that are going to be hooked up to the system, how are they going to pay for big infrastructure that supports the wider region,” Craig said.
A community vote is required for upgrades to proceed.
“You need a 75 per cent buy in, unless the majority of the town can find a way to pay for it, it just won’t happen again,” he said.
“The visitors that come to the town have one set of public toilets, and the rest are venue toilets.
“There’s so many things that want to come to the town, but we don’t have the services to flourish,” Craig said.


Craig has organised a town meeting to address the issue tomorrow (March 17) at the Memorial Hall.
Due to COVID restrictions, the first 75 people are permitted to enter the building.

If interested in attending, visit, Fish Creek Sewrage town meeting.