The Minister [for Regional Development] released a media statement on February 11 covering the works on the extension of the Great Southern Rail Trail.

In her statement, she made the claim the extension would create “an unbroken trail connecting Nyora and Welshpool”.

Obviously, her minders and the shire staff did not inform her there was a gap in the middle. There is no plan as yet on how to connect the new and the old through the Leongatha station area, across the heavy vehicle bypass and down to Turner St.

The Minister also claimed that the trail “can be enjoyed by everyone”. Perhaps the Minister and the shire can explain how all users can move from one section of the trail to the other. How are children, horse riders, people with disabilities and even quite ambulant people supposed to cross the Leongatha heavy vehicle bypass at the north end of the Leongatha station?

This section of the trail will require a bridge or underpass and those works are unfunded.

The shire has been avoiding telling the public about this hole in their development and funding of the rail trail.

There has been no public engagement on ideas or solutions to the problem. This is another of the development issues for the shire that the administrators refuse to consider – they just want to leave that for the new council in October.

Lindsay Love, South Gippsland Action Group secretary.