By Shelby Brooks

THE closing chapter of the story of Korumburra and surrounds’ war memorials will be out in time for Anzac Day.

Korumburra RSL member Tony Moon, along with his brother Andrew and friend Brenda Jordan, started the task of telling the stories of the men listed on the Korumburra Cenotaph at Coleman Park eight years ago.

After publishing a book in2016, they realised they weren’t done.

“As we did the research, we went around and looked at some of the other smaller memorials in what was formerly the Shire of Korumburra,” Tony said.

“So, we thought there’s a bit of a gap… there are 53 different memorials and it took us another four years.”

‘Far From Home. For God King and Country’ picks up where the first book finished, listing the fate of all the known losses experienced within the former shire for WWI, WWII and up to contemporary times.

Tony said they felt determined to finish the job they started.

“Every now and again we feel as though some of these guys are reaching back across the centuries and asking us to finish bits of their lives,” Tony said.

“Some of these guys were very difficult to find; some of them took years to find because they were listed under different names and locations.”

For example, Tony said J. Smith was listed on one of the memorials.

“There are 8238 J. Smiths who enlisted in the first AIF, none of them were listed as coming from Korumburra,” Tony said.

“We found a J. Smith who was badly wounded but never came back to Korumburra… so we’re thinking some guys were listed as killed but weren’t.”

Tony said the most interesting statistic they learnt was that by 1933, it was estimated as many soldiers had died at home as had been killed in the war.

“That’s hardly spoken about and they don’t get on the honour roll,” he said. “We have learnt a lot about our district’s history, what happened and how much these losses impacted on our district.”

For order information, contact Tony Moon on 0490 376327.