With claims almost as outrageous as those of Craig Kelly, Minister Angus Taylor is in the news again.

Starter topic is: how does he feel about catching up with climate crisis plans by the new Biden government?

His response is classic flip, when interviewers are compliant, that USA needs to catch up with Australia. No numbers, of course.

Next topic: how can Australians be persuaded to adopt EV (electric vehicles) to reduce emissions, perhaps upfront rebates like many other countries in the world, especially USA, $7500?

“No, it wouldn’t work in Australia!”, it amounts to a tax and calculates out at effective $750 per tonne emission cost.

Since state of the climate is now such that, even in three easiest out of four projections, IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) calls for extraction of previous emissions from atmosphere.

Is this the source of Angus’ error, that, for all present and future emissions that go up, we must get them down again?

Unfortunately, despite many fancy names and billions in trial projects, there’s no economically viable method of doing this. CCS (carbon capture and storage) is a fairy tale.

So even purchase rebate for EV representing $750 per tonne to stop emissions going up, it’s small change compared with not even a prayer of such low-cost for getting emissions back down again.

Put climate first…change is coming…

Bernie McComb, Cowes.