CHAIRO Christian School in Leongatha will be holding a Prep information night on Tuesday, March 16, for parents with children who will be starting school next year.

It will provide an opportunity for interested families to discover more about the school and programs offered to Preps.

Chairo recognises each student is an individual, with unique gifts and talents, who may have diverse learning needs.

“Differentiated learning activities, learning support programs and extension opportunities are all built into our regular programs,” principal Christine Hibma said.

Three teachers work together as a team with the Prep students, supporting each other, bringing different strengths, collaborating and providing one-on-one instruction and intervention.

Another key feature of the campus is the buddy program, with secondary students having primary school buddies who they get to know by regularly doing activities together.

Establishing positive and productive partnerships with each family is a priority at Chairo.

“We want to work closely with parents in the education and care of their children. Our staff members work tirelessly for the academic, social, emotional and spiritual development of the students in their care.”

Chairo Leongatha provides a distinctly Christian education for students from kindergarten through to year 10 and is constantly developing and expanding in terms of both enrolments and opportunities. To find out more about what Chairo offers, call 5662 4355, email, or visit the school website or follow the campus Facebook page.