ANGUS genetics sit at the heart of the Absolute Angus’ breeding philosophy and those genetics will be on show at the stud’s inaugural Autumn Bull Sale on Wednesday, April 7.

Seeking out the best genetics the Angus world has to offer, Absolute Angus continually strives to improve the genetics of their herd by focusing on the type of data that delivers long-term profitability for both commercial and stud breeders.

Using semen and embryos sourced from industry-leading, hard-working Angus bulls and females worldwide ensures Absolute Angus breeds the types of cattle suited to commercial beef production – the mainstay of the stud’s operation.

This approach also ensures the stud’s female herd goes from strength to strength with more genetic depth, geographical adaptability and all-round resilience maintained in each year’s breeding programs.

Sires of the highest calibre, Landfall Leonardo P145, Landfall Prominent P317 and Te Mania Prime P586 were added to the already strong gene pool in 2020, delivering on the stud’s commitment to genetic excellence and to breed progeny with the important traits it values in the Angus breed.

Landfall Leonardo P145, who has well-balanced figures sitting in the top 1 per cent of the breed for low birth, grass-fed growth rates, milk, carcase and IMF in both rib and rump; brings longevity, productivity, and good doing ability genes to the Absolute stud herd.

Landfall NewGround N90 has proven to be the ‘sire of sires’. A truly magnificent stud sire, he is an outstanding bull to look at and has the high data to go with it.

The progeny on offer at the April Bull Sale is a clear example of the Absolute Angus breeding focus and investment made in using leading Angus bloodlines in both stud dams and sires.

Sydgen Enhance has 18 sons on offer in this sale, the first progeny of this bull available in Australia. A great bull, he has brought growth and thickness to the herd along with carcase growth and leading breed traits of high rib and rump figures.

With 12 sons in the sale, LD Capitalist 316 is continuing to breed well in the stud. He is an all-purpose sire whose progeny will complement any herd. His sons present well with balanced EBVs with highlights in calving ease, good feet, carcase weight, EMA, and rib and rump.

Baldridge Command is demonstrating to be one of the elite bulls of the Angus breed, phenotypically stunning and the data to go with it. He is producing high-quality data-driven progeny.

Other noted sires are Ardrossan Edmond K165, a Rennylea Edmund E11 son. His structure is simply outstanding and, along with his sons, he has produced outstanding females.

A great all-round sire, Absolute M110 has great power-producing quality calves. A son of Landfall Westward J169 with his dam by Aryvale Bartel E7, M110 progeny has a lot to offer.

Buyers looking to improve their herds with ready-to-work bulls who present with leading traits such as calving ease, growth, fertility, carcase weight and fat cover, both rib and rump, will have a range of bulls to choose from on sale day.

Feedback from Absolute Angus commercial clients who purchased their 2020 sale bulls report those bulls have grown out well and doing what all good bulls should be doing – producing quality progeny for their herds.

Absolute Angus Autumn Bull Sale – Wednesday, April 7 – on-property in Trafalgar South and online via AuctionsPlus. Visit or its Facebook Page for the latest sale updates.