The South Gippsland Action Group (SGAG) wishes to bring to the residents a discussion paper for use in developing the Community Vision.
Council is required by the Local Government Act to prepare a Community Vision document. At present the administrators have decided to leave that to the new council and to not even try and start a discussion. SGAG is promoting substantial growth activities right across the shire.
Some might say, “Why do we need growth?”

People will also say we need things such as more local jobs, better hospital services, more social housing, more childcare facilities or more people to support our clubs and organisations. We need growth to maintain and enhance our lifestyle, but we also need to safeguard the conditions that allow our existing farming and dairy industry to thrive.

The South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) is being well and truly left behind by all the other Gippsland municipalities. We have fewer building approvals, less population growth, less tourism revenue and are left off the radar by those in power.

This situation has been allowed to continue under a shire administration and leadership that has had no drive to make things happen. We’ve heard that city people want to shift to country and coastal areas but they cannot reside in our shire because we have not planned for those people.

Bass Coast claims 200km of coastline – SGSC has around 164km plus Wilsons Prom with another 150km. Are we making use of this attraction?

The answer is “no”!

The following are just some things which could advance our shire.

1. Coastal Action Strategy – comprehensive plan to create new residential development at Walkerville and Tarwin Lower. This would enable water and sewer to be brought to Venus Bay.

2. Create new residential development at Waratah Bay – this would bring water to this township and allow extension of supply to Sandy Point.

3. In conjunction with Parks Vic and the Water Board, bring a water supply from Foster to Yanakie (Prom Gates). This would allow further residential development at Yanakie and more tourism ventures adjacent the Prom.

4. Develop the plans and approvals for the Port Welshpool Marina so that a developer can come on board.

5. Promote the concept of an Underwater Observatory at the Long Jetty.

6. Use the highway realignment at the Coal Creek bends as the catalyst to re-imagine Coal Creek.

7. Establish a mountain bike park at Waratah Bay-Walkerville.

Let’s start a conversation for the development of a Community Vision.

Lindsay Love, SGAG secretary.