Mr. George Mitting, in response to your letter in the SGST, March 2, 2021, I find your comments in relation to the Jumbunna Road walkway to the Secondary College offensive and inaccurate. In particular, the use of the term “nitwit” is demeaning to all those who have been involved in this project over many years!

I have been a strong advocate for this walkway for nearly five years and was honoured recently to be invited to share the official cutting of the ribbon on the opening of the walkway with the South Gippsland Shire CEO Kerryn Ellis.

I suggest you should look at the video of the opening and the photos I provided to show the before and after state of the walking track. It is now a walking track used by the general public and students alike.

I have recently taken my great grandchildren along the track and often see young and old enjoying the walkway.

To suggest that only teenagers use this track is blatantly inaccurate. But then why shouldn’t students have a safe walkway to and from school?

This is a terrific asset for the town and additionally the kerbing and channeling works done on the residential stretch of Jumbunna Road complement the shared walkway. A win-win for all involved.

Also, I have been lobbying to have at least two bench seats installed along the walkway so that people can stop, sit, and take in the glorious views of our countryside. I am hopeful that the seats will be installed in the near future.

I will not comment on the other footpath issues you raise and respect your right to a point of view. Perhaps you should consider joining SGAG who seem to continually criticise council and the administrators through print media.

Terry Waycott, Korumburra.