Indie the Border Collie provides Lizzy Price and members of the Kilcunda Clean Up crew with plenty of morale support.


By Michael Giles

WHILE most people were out lapping up the great weather and a plethora of activity on the Labour Day Long Weekend, there were a dedicated few, carrying their yellow Clean Up Australia Day bags, getting their hands dirty.

At Kilcunda Tim Price and Anthi Emmanouil-Playne organised a small but dedicated crew to come with them to clean up the foreshore and the Kilcunda end of the Bass Coast Rail Trail.

Together with Toby Rich, Bill Payne and Lizzy Rich they found heaps of stuff including heaps of drink bottles, food wrappers and even an old pair of jeans left behind by an eager beachgoer.

“we’re just doing our bit,” said Tim.

“But it makes you realise how much stuff gets thrown away.

“We’ve organised a small group here but everyone can do something to make a difference whether that be taking your own rubbish home with your or picking up when you find some discarded rubbish.”

Groups like Tim’s were littered across the region on Sunday, March 7 putting some real meaning into the Long Weekend and they turned up tonnes of stuff… well done!

Bill Payne helps clean up the Kilcunda foreshore on Clean Up Australia Day today, Sunday, March 7.