An aerial view during the final stages of construction. Photo: Markus Ruefenacht, MR Video.

NEWHAVEN College students are enjoying the recently completed soccer oval and hockey pitch – which double as 12 tennis courts.

Following on from the completion of the dual court gymnasium in 2019, the construction of the new soccer oval and hockey pitch/tennis courts started in late 2019 and was competed in mid-February 2021.

The synthetic pitch will be used for multiple sporting activities, including hockey, but has been specially engineered to include 12 tennis courts.

Lighting is also planned so the courts can be used during the evening.

The pitch was professionally installed by Grassports Australia.

The company also coordinated the design and construction of the full-size soccer oval which features a turf surface, providing a natural space for the college’s soccer enthusiasts.

“When we recently hosted the SEISA (South Eastern Independent Schools Association) interschool competition against Beaconhills College, the expanded sporting precinct had a great energy to it,” head of sport, Stewart Bathgate, said.

“It was fantastic to see tennis, softball, cricket with basketball and netball in the gym, all happening at the same time.

“The afternoon, helped by the sunshine, had a really nice feel to it and the feedback from students and staff about the new facilities has been wonderful. We are now looking forward to adding four more outdoor courts to extend our physical education programs.”

The sporting precinct is part of the college masterplan which was designed to meet the school’s growing need for extra training and recreational spaces. Work has commenced on the adjoining netball courts and cricket nets, which are due to be completed in mid-2021.

Newhaven College has a strong commitment to offering an extensive sport/physical education program. These incredible facilities will be utilised by teachers, staff and students for timetable classes, house games and interschool competitions.