CHILDREN from far and wide experienced the magic of books in Fish Creek on Sunday, March 7.

The Fish Creek Children’s Literature Day, held in conjunction with the 2021 Prom Coast Festival, gave children the opportunity to meet the authors and illustrators behind their favourite storybooks, as well as for local children to feel a sense of pride and belonging which comes from celebrating the creative pursuits of their local community.

Children explored an expanded form of storytelling, tapping into creative storytelling through puppetry, oral traditions, illustration, circus, performance and interactive games.

Organiser Mark Avery said the day went “unbelievably well”.

“We estimated 2000 people attended. Every show was sold out and we had fantastic feedback from everybody,” he said.

Mark thanked the 50 volunteers who came from all parts of the community to help on the day.

“We had 14 separate activities outside and six paid shows in the hall, so it was a wonderful beginning,” he said.

The revival and strengthening of the Children’s Literature Festival is the work of a team of dedicated people including Deb Bray, Joan Liley, Lucy Parkinson and Mark, building on the 2019 festival.