Who is the nitwit who thought up the destruction of the Guys and Jumbunna Roads’ footpaths and the replacement of new concrete footpath plus a fancy iron fence along much of it?

This is a footpath used by teenagers not kindergarten or primary school children.

There are many areas in Korumburra that have no footpath; primary school is one.

A footpath highway side and Princes Street, but this does not have a path across grass to the school.

No footpath at all in Wrenchs Lane where probably more children walk.

Many drivers are lunatics the way they take off after drop-off of children.

A footpath was put in James Street – going to a very nasty blind corner. There was a good, clear view path along Uniting church side across a one-way lane for cars.

Also why wasn’t a turning lane in Princes Street to childcare and school buses, instead of forcing all traffic to centre of road with stupid kerbing jutting out both sides? Another one of these behind show grounds forcing traffic to centre of road near crest of a hill.

If council wants to make our streets safer, 24/7 parking would be stopped. This is very dangerous, particularly at night, cars, caravans and boats are common 24/7.

Cars both sides of the road on narrow streets impossible to get through with a bigger vehicle. What about our fire trucks? Roads are for travelling, not garages for crazy drivers that won’t park in their own blocks.

George Mitting, Korumburra.