By Sam Watson

THE Wonthaggi and District Netball Association is in need of some helping hands for the upcoming senior and junior seasons.

In January, the association held its annual general meeting where it was deemed they didn’t have enough people to form a committee.

So, this Thursday they will be hosting another AGM at 6pm to get the association back on track for 2021, but they need as many people as possible to attend.

Without enough help, the association can’t continue to provide a place for young netballers to improve their skills and meet new people.

Former president and life member, Lee Storti said she and some other life members were concerned about the association going by the wayside.

She said she would be extremely sad to see the end of something that’s provided such a great service.

“It’s got its place for those people that aren’t that competitive or don’t want to travel,” she said.

“I see a lot of benefits from it. It provides so many opportunities to improve your game, especially against older and more experienced players in the night competition.”

She acknowledged that in recent times the backing has shifted towards football netball clubs with the implementation of Under 15s, 13s, 11s and Net Set Go.

But without the association, players who aren’t selected in these teams will have nowhere to play.

The long-time stalwart will keep fighting to make sure night netball and junior competitions can recommence.

“It’s worth a try, otherwise I think it will be a sad day for Wonthaggi.”

They will be accepting night netball team entries at the AGM, but each team is required to put someone on the committee to ensure the competition goes ahead.

For more information, find the Wonthaggi and District Netball Association on Facebook.