Wimbledon Heights’ resident Mykey O’Halloran and friends paint his house in rainbow colours as a statement about tolerance in the community.


By Michael Giles

MYKEY O’Halloran has made good on his promise to paint his Wimbledon Heights’ house in bright rainbow colours as a message about tolerance.

And he’s received strong support from across Phillip Island and beyond, not just among those who came along at the weekend to help him paint, but from lots of people who share his views.

“You still see discrimination against the LGBTI community, thankfully not as much these days, but you still see it and it’s tough to go through,” said Mykey, paintbrush in hand.

“But since the wider community found out what I hoped to do here, the support locally and outside the area has been overwhelming.”

The neighbours, not so much.

There’s a ‘for sale’ sign on the house next door, apparently in response to the situation.

“Look I don’t really want to talk about it, in fact I can’t since the Magistrate’s Court dealt with it, but they have decided to advertise their house for sale, as you can see,” said Mr O’Halloran.

“As a courtesy to them, I’m leaving their side of the house blank, but they’ve indicated they want to leave.”

Other people in the neighbourhood, around Mr O’Halloran’s home, are concerned too. They say it’s not about homophobia or anything like that, they just want a quiet life.