Bass Coast’s new MRI machine is lifted into place at the Wonthaggi Hospital.


In a first for the sub-region, Wonthaggi Hospital will soon have MRI (magnetic resoning imaging) services available as a result of the strong partnership with BCH and I-Med Radiology.

The current plan is that from early July, patients will be able to have their MRI scans at the hospital, avoiding lengthy trips to Melbourne and central Gippsland.

Bass Coast Health CEO Jan Child said that last weekend “the hospital site was busy with engineers, riggers, semi-trailers and a huge crane which hovered over the hospital’s skyline.”

The building to house the much-needed MRI machine came in modules and these individual modules, weighing 7-13 tonne, were craned into the Wonthaggi Hospital grounds, Jan explained.

This new MRI shell will be fitted out on-site over the next few weeks.

“The MRI service is an important step forward for Bass Coast Health to ensure state-of-the art diagnostic services are available to our community.”