We wish to raise another possibility to assist Fish Creek with a sewer system. This concept also works with the idea of helping more people move to the shire.

The concept is simple – allow land around Fish Creek to be converted and developed as residential land.

The attached plan (not printed) shows three areas… which are generally on higher ground and are extensions of existing streets.

As a rough idea, allowing 1000m2 lots, we have 15 lots on Sheedy Road, 60 lots on Quarry Rd and 70 lots on Williamson St – a total of 145 lots as a possibility.

We note the paper articles had suggested that 100 existing lots at Fish Creek may cost around $40,000 per lot to sewer. If the growth path is taken and we have in excess of 200 lots then the cost may become perhaps $20,000 per lot. That is a more palatable expense for the benefit sewerage would bring.

The extra residents would certainly assist the Fish Creek community to support all its clubs and community groups. The school would receive a boost as would the sporting clubs. The town would be able to offer more stops to tap into the tourist market. A growing community is better than a dying and shrinking community.

What we need is some forward thinking by all involved. We need a South Gippsland Shire which is a “can do” place that can marshal all the resources to make improvements to benefit all.

Lindsay Love, South Gippsland Action Group secretary.