Toora’s B Grade Premiers of the final Alberton League year, 2019.


IT WASN’T a merger between the age-old Alberton FNL and Mid Gippsland.

We’ve been told that often enough.

But it doesn’t mean the history of the Alberton League, stretching back to the 1880s, has been lost or that no one cares what happened over almost 150 years.

The former Alberton clubs will now be the custodians of that history but to mark the occasion of the remaining Alberton clubs moving across into Mid Gippsland, the former Board Members of the Alberton Football Netball League have penned the following message this week, issued last Saturday, April 10, as part of the build up to the first round:

Alberton statement

As local football and netball Leagues commence their seasons, the exception is the Alberton Football Netball League.

A League that had conducted football competitions since the late 1800’s, survived wars and a depression, was wound up following the outcome of Reviews conducted by AFL Gippsland.

As former clubs move on, Board members of the former AFNL wanted to acknowledge and thank (very much in summary form only) the many participants who had contributed so much to local football and netball both junior and senior from Wellington, Alberton, South Gippsland through to Bass, from Woodside to Phillip Island for over a century.

Thank you to the many clubs – their executives, committees, officials, volunteers, coaches and players and particularly their delegates to the League.

Thank you to the partners to the League who provided the necessary support to AFNL to conduct its competitions; the Alberton Trainers Association together with local ambulance and hospitals, the South Gippsland Umpires Association, the Tribunal, local Police and Security.

Thank you to the local Press; Foster Mirror, South Gippsland Sentinel-Times, The Star, Yarram Standard and local radio that provided extensive coverage and in particular result services for all games. To the Foster Mirror for the production of the Football/Netball Record in recent times and the inclusion of outstanding historical records of games and players of the past.

Thank you to the sponsors and donors who contributed valuable financial support. In particular to those families and individuals who have been long standing donors of keenly sought after perpetual awards. The Moore, Charlton, Lanigan, Hanley, Storr, Tibballs, Parry, Brewer and McKnight families.

Thank you to those who supported the League at representative level in both football and netball. The coaches, selectors, trainers, officials and players. The League took great pride in its performances and the players who reached VFA, VFL and AFL level.

Thank you to local professionals who provided advice to the League in legal and financial matters.

Thank you to those men and women who served on the League Executives and Boards and to those administrative employees and volunteers who have provided the expertise and support to member clubs that is necessary for their participation and the efficiency of the competitions.

“The game must go on” but hopefully the part the Alberton Football Netball League has played in providing competition and comradeship will not be totally forgotten.

For and on behalf of former Board Members of the Alberton Football Netball League.