INVERLOCH’S Pine Lodge was established as a holiday venue for the well-heeled and discerning traveler, and a menu uncovered by the town’s historical society shows just what those visitors could find on their dining tables.

The Inverloch Historical Society newsletter said it was “gastronomical delight to read what was on the menu during the 1930s when, it must be admitted, that that time truly represented the ‘golden age’ of the history of Pine Lodge, when generally wealthy guests received the very best country leisure and luxury, which of course included food”.

The society has at least 12 old school exercise books carefully listing each day’s menu in beautiful handwriting.

“Feast your eyes on the choices available,” the newsletter proclaims.

“The chef would have been kept busy with a Pine Lodge menu. There is a distinctly ‘old fashioned’ look about what is on offer, and a far cry from a menu at the current Inverloch hotels.”

And just in case you were wondering, Mulligatawny soup is a rich soup, usually of chicken stock and seasoned with curry.

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