I am alarmed by the input of Bass Coast Council into the recently released Yallock-Bulluk Marine and Coastal Park Draft Access and Infrastructure Plan.

Two and a half years ago Jordan Crugnale made an election promise for the state government to fund the completion of a walking/cycling track from San Remo to Inverloch. About four months ago the Bass Coast Shire Council decided to add to this project to promote the interest in the dinosaur finds and Indigenous history to be found around the Bunurong Coast.

While token attention has been given to marking out a “future cycling opportunity” between Cape Paterson and Inverloch, more detailed and presumably more priority is given to designating a “proposed new shared-use trail” which would give cyclists and walkers direct access to the several sites of interest along the Bunurong roadway.

The downside of this is that car traffic on the Bunurong roadway would be reduced to one-way only, to allow the other half of the width of the road to be reserved for cyclists and walkers.

If this is the intention, cars would have to negotiate crossing walkers and cyclists to access sites along the Bunurong. Also, any visits to sites such as the RACV for drinks/meals or to the Caves by Inverloch residents and visitors would entail a circular journey made up of 40km/hour for about 20 minutes plus at least 20 minutes between Cape Paterson and Inverloch. Currently, such a journey would take only 10 minutes maximum.
Caravaners staying at the RACV Resort would also have to use the Bunurong Road at some stage… creating a situation which many would prefer to avoid.

The current bus route between Inverloch and Cape Paterson would also be impacted.

Furthermore, cycling and walking alongside cars on such a winding and undulating road seems undesirable, particularly for family groups.
I believe Inverloch has more to lose than gain from the current suggestion regarding the Bunurong roadway which is in fact a satisfactory trail already. The dinosaur fossils and Indigenous history could be promoted by interpretive signage at relevant sites without spoiling the amenity of the Bunurong roadway.

Rosemary Hutchinson, Inverloch.