By Sam Watson

HAVE you always had the urge to step into the ring and go toe to toe with the gloves on?

Well, Bass Coast Boxing and Fitness is offering the opportunity for you to train as a boxer and compete in a fair dinkum fight, in just eight weeks.

Bass Coast Boxing’s eight-week challenge allows people from outside of the club to get high-quality training from multiple qualified coaches and eventually face-off against an evenly matched opponent.

For $495 you get the chance to be a part of a session run solely for the eight-week program once a week, and you’re also able to attend all other sessions held at the club.

At the end of the eight weeks, you will be more than prepared to step into the ring and compete for three, two-minute rounds.

Challengers will train at the Bass Coast Boxing and Fitness Factory at 8/32 Boys Home Road, Newhaven, where they will not only learn the basics of boxing but also get themselves in incredible shape.

Training starts on April 28 and the eight-week challenge will culminate with a fight night on June 25.

Bass Coast Boxing head coach Scott Williamson said plenty of people would love to tick off a proper boxing match from their bucket list.

“A lot of people have thought about it but they haven’t taken that step,” Williamson said.

And others may catch a bug for the sport and continue training at the gym.

Williamson said the program would have many physical and mental benefits for those who take part.

“You’ll definitely get fitter; it’s amazing what you can do in eight weeks.

“They’ll also get out of their comfort zone and with that, their overall confidence will improve.”

He said whoever trained the most was going to get the most out of the challenge.

“If they wanna go full on, they can train as much as they want.

“They’ll benefit out of getting into as many classes as they can – that’s what it’s all about in that eight weeks,” he said.

Age is certainly no barrier, considering Williamson has had a couple of 50 and 60-year-olds signed up already.

“That’s the thing – you’re never too old so get in and have a crack.

“Throw a few punches and have a bit of fun.”

For those worried about their capability with the gloves on, Williamson was adamant they would be more competent after eight weeks.

“There’ll be no panicking, they’ll be good enough to go for three, two-minute rounds.

“They’ll be able to keep their hands up, they’ll have defence, they’ll have the whole lot,” Williamson said.

The fighters’ friends and families will be able to attend the fight night, where there will be food available.

And Williamson said he and other coaches would make sure no one was seriously hurt, it’ll be mainly about having a bit of fun.