Jeff Pendergast of Leongatha stops off, on his way to do his shopping at Michael’s Supa IGA to buy an Anzac Day badge from RSL volunteer Jeff Lyon-Jones.


THERE’S been a steady build up to Anzac Day on Sunday, April 25, with all local RSL sub-branches planning to get back to their usual dawn and mid-morning services.

And during the week, one of the best ways to support the welfare of returned service personnel and their families is by donation, purchasing something from the fine array of Anzac Day badges.

Outside Michael’s Supa IGA in Leongatha at the weekend, Pam Gardiner of Leongatha, followed Don Lyon-Jones of Nyora took their turn in the morning to sell badges after the year off for COVID last year. They received plenty of support.

“I’ve been coming down here for years to sell the badges,” said Mr Lyon-Jones.

“Not last year of course, but people have been very supportive which is great.

“It’s an awareness thing too, isn’t it?” Mr Lyon-Jones said.

Any donation is gratefully received.

“You can purchase a $2, $5, $10, $20, $30 or $50 badges to raise funds for our Welfare Fund. Monies raised from the sales of these badges goes directly to the Patriotic Appeals fund,” said a spokesperson for the RSL.

“These funds are used to support current and former Veterans and their families in need. This support can include transport to medical appointments, emergency housing, essentials like food and clothing, mobility and medical aids and providing services such as cleaning, garden maintenance, or changing smoke detector batteries that the Veteran is unable to do themselves.

“Your donation helps greatly.

“Your donation allows the RSL to tailor specialist services to the needs of our current and former service men and women, and their families.

Examples include:

* Crisis accommodation for at risk veterans

* Financial assistance for families in need

* Health and wellbeing programs 

* Employment support

* Assistance with accessing pension entitlements

SO, if you see badges being sold in the street this week, buy on and wear it with pride in the lead up to Anzac Day.

Badges can also be purchased online.