By Michael Giles

IT WASN’T as a result of an arbitrary quota. No one went around Korumburra with a clipboard trying to drum up interest from local women in leadership positions in the town.

It’s all happened organically, as they say, on merit.

But it was extremely refreshing, after all the talk and action in recent months about gender inequality and lack of respect, to see the women of Korumburra leading the revitalisation of the town.

At a public meeting on the threatened closure of the Bendigo Bank on Monday, and again on Wednesday, at an information night about the development of the Community Hub precinct and the railway precinct, it was very much the women of the town to the fore.

And also, with the shire’s new director economy and community, a homegrown talent, Renae Littlejohn and Coal Creek manager Rowena Ashley presenting about the plans for Coal Creek.

The likes of Noelene Cosson at the Korumburra Business Association and Pee-Wee Lewis at the Korumburra Round Table, together with Milpara Community House manager Jennie Keerie and a bevy of other capable women; they have completely rejuvenated the fortunes of Korumburra in the past few years.

It just shows what a positive attitude, hard work and good organisation can do.

Not to say the blokes of Korumburra aren’t doing their bit, notably the team at the Korumburra RSL and the guys at the Korumburra Lions trying to get that important group going again.

But really, after the focus we’ve seen in recent times on the worst aspects of a lack of respect for women, it’s great to see the other side of the coin; highly capable women, stepping forward for the good of their community and being well supported for doing so.

Good on you, Korumburra. It’s a real inspiration.