It’s time to open your mind, quite literally, to a different way of buying your next house or marketing and selling your own home.

Everyone knows how the traditional methods of buying or selling real estate works, right?

There’s ‘private sale’ where a property is put on the market, advertised on, Domain or one of the other online platforms, and maybe the local newspaper as well. Inspection days are organised, if there’s time, but in the present sellers’ market, many properties are simply being snapped up within hours of going online, at full price.

It’s a pleasing result in one sense, but it may leave the seller wondering if the price was set too low, and leaves would-be buyers frustrated for not being included.

There’s also sale by expression of interest and the traditional on-site auction.

But there is another, new way of buying and selling real estate that’s taking the country by storm: the ‘Openn Negotiation’ process.

And the first certified agent for Openn Negotiation auctions in Gippsland and Bass Coast is the digitally-savvy, locally-based firm, Inverloch @realty, headed up by Leo Edwards and Christine Thorne.

It’s hardly surprising that Leo Edwards should be the first in the region to embrace the Openn system and prove its potential here with some truly stunning results.

Which is why they’re advertising in the Sentinel-Times (see advert below). They urgently need more properties to sell!

Leo is a fully licensed real estate agent based in Inverloch and the founder of, a regional online platform reaching up to 30,000 people weekly, who either live, or would love to live in Inverloch.

But, since launching their new real estate agency 18 months ago, Leo and Christine, aren’t limiting themselves to selling property just in and around Inverloch.

“We established Inverloch3996 six years ago as a platform to promote the region and have developed an audience of 25,000 to 30,000 subscribers,” said Leo.

“We were looking to promote tourism, business development, offer accommodation bookings and to provide an online marketing umbrella for all local real estate agents.”

Having worked internationally to create marketing campaigns for some of the largest real estate developments in the world, before making the sea change to Inverloch with his wife Janelle and son Alfie in 2014, Leo has been able to harness the best aspects of online marketing, social targeting and database development, not only for the purposes of Inverloch3996, but also for his business and real estate clients.

The firm had some success working with local real estate agents, particularly with hard-to-sell properties, but they’ve ultimately gone their separate ways now… hence the launch of Inverloch @realty.

It’s one of 600 @realty partnerships around Australia and New Zealand, best known as the major sponsor of the Gold Coast Suns.

But marketing your property through Inverloch @realty isn’t just about getting access to the Openn Negotiation process. You’ll also benefit from a highly-sophisticated online promotion and audience targeting strategy that goes well beyond simply whacking it up on and waiting for a response.

“We develop a unique website for every property we have for sale, and use our online platform and a specific digital strategy to get maximum exposure for the client’s property, with people who are really interested.”

Inverloch @realty offers the traditional methods of sale too, but in the present climate, have had great success selling property at prices well above the reserve by the Openn Negotiation process.

So, how does it work?

People who have already registered their interest with Inverloch @realty, plus those reached through the comprehensive marketing process, are encouraged to create an account when they find the property they like, and join as a bidder by entering a price. It can even be well below what you think the property is worth, but it means you will be notified when the Final Bidding Stage is due to start.

During the final bidding stage, everyone sees what is going on through the Openn App, in the comfort of their own home. The buyers know how many people are bidding and they see their bids live, allowing everyone two minutes to consider raising their bid. Once the property reaches its reserve, they are told the “property is on the market” and the final bids are lodged.

“We reduce the rises from $10,000 to $5000, or lower as the bidding reaches its conclusion,” said Leo.

“What it does do is make sure that everyone in the market for the property gets the same chance to buy and the seller can be sure, no money was left on the table.”

If you would like to know more, go to where there is a comprehensive presentation about Inverloch @realty, with bios about Leo and Christine, a full guide including videos and testimonials on how Openn Negotiation works, plus plenty of successful case studies.
Buying or selling your own home is the most important decision most people make in their lives, so you owe it to yourself, to at least consider Inverloch @realty and the Openn Negotiation method as likely to get the best result for you.

Christine Thorne has lived in Inverloch for 21 years and has been a licensed real estate agent since 2004.

Inverloch @realty is interested in property listing from right across the South Gippsland and Bass Coast region.

Contact Leo Edwards 0472 523 445, or Christine Thorne 0407 831 214, or see their website at