FORGET the bank for a moment, if you can, Korumburra is actually “ticking along quite nicely” at the moment as members of the Korumburra Round Table (KRT) found out at their monthly meeting last week.

President Pee-Wee Lewis provided a summary of the highlights:

“We had a jam-packed agenda for last Thursday night’s meeting of the Korumburra Round Table, with special reports from both Penni Ellicott – on where we are at with the Hub, rail trail and main street revitalisation.

“We also had Vicki Bradley, the shire’s social planning officer, who spoke about strategies taking place to improve health, wellbeing and housing in South Gippsland (and there is a fascinating five-minute ‘snapshot’ of South Gippsland entitled ‘Our Story’, and a survey enabling you to have your say, on the shire’s website. I highly recommend you take a look!).

“We also had the official handover from Allison Jones to Renae Littlejohn, who will now be attending each month and briefing us on the latest council news, as the new director, economy and community.

“On the town’s redevelopment, the planning permit for the community hub has now been approved at VCAT, and the project will go ‘out to market’ in May. Hopefully this will enable groundwork to begin on the project in August, after council approval.

“We were excited to learn that the council has acquired the Top of the Town building, and once that has been removed, it will allow for a wider, safer flow of traffic in and out of the ‘top end’ of Little Commercial Street. The concept plan allows for additional car spaces down on the flatter section of the street, behind Boston’s, and every business will retain their car spots out the back.

“The KRT had to vote last night on all names that have been submitted for the hub, and then our tallied preferences go back to the shire for a final decision. There were some great names among them!

“It is worth remembering that when the hub is completed, the library, Milpara, the historical society, the senior citizens, an art gallery space and a shire council service centre will all be on-site. This will therefore be a place that brings us together – for social activities, for learning, for welfare and council assistance. It is going to be amazing.

“The rail trail is, in the words of Penni, ‘ticking along nicely’, with the bridge work being contracted out to a local firm, and people already out walking their dogs on parts of the path. It is still scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

“And finally, we did of course discuss last Monday night’s ‘Save our last bank’ meeting down at the Rec Centre. With Bendigo Bank head office people driving down to speak to the working group the very next day, and another meeting happening in a week’s time, we are hopeful that, at the very least, we have bought the town more time.

“Noelene, Kate, and Jenni did a magnificent job of explaining exactly what was happening behind the scenes, and the people of Korumburra spoke passionately of the problems the closure will cause in our busy, growing community.

“It was a superb show of strength and unity from Korumburra, and in the words of anthropologist Margaret Mead: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’, see you next month,

Pee-Wee Lewis, President, KRT.”