LIVE theatre makes a welcome return to Fish Creek this weekend with the premiere season of Confluence – and there are still tickets available for latecomers!

Fish Creek’s own Chris Dickins wrote Confluence about two years and will perform the role of Lewis, sharing the stage with renowned Gippsland actor Christine Skicko as Celia.

The characters begin writing to each other as teenage pen pals in 1952 and continue for about 50 years. Their letters tell interweaving stories that are warm and human, moving and comic, beguiling and sad.

Chris describes his character as both a teacher and a poet who also loves following and mapping rivers and streams.

Celia was a champion swimmer as a girl but a devastating family tragedy at the beach leaves her terrified of water.

Later in life, the couple form a romantic relationship and a trip to Lake Eyre, filled by the confluence of the creeks, streams and rivers following heavy rain, helps Celia to reconnect with water.

Christine and Chris present the play reading the letters each character has written over the years.

“There’s no hiding the fact we’re reading but we do move around,” Chris said.

Nautilus Theatre has a history of performing at venues across Fish Creek.

“We belong to Fish Creek,” Chris said.

“We took the audience to multiple outdoor locations for Soliloquy and we have loved performing at the Fish Creek Memorial Hall, which is currently being renovated. Now we are fortunate to be able to perform in the lovely Oberon Room at the local pub.”

The five-performance season presented by Nautilus Theatre opens in the Oberon Room at the Fish Creek Hotel with shows at 8pm this Friday and Saturday, April 23 and 24, and at 2pm on Sunday, April 25. The final two performances will be at 8pm on the following Friday and Saturday.  

Tickets are available at the door but you can also secure them in advance by contact Chris, or phone 0428 560 842.

Christine Skicko

Christine has worked with most theatre companies throughout Gippsland.

She has played Anna in The King and I, Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly, Phyllis Stone in Follies, Mrs Brill in Mary Poppins, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof and Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Her most recent role was as Geraldine Granger, the Vicar, in The Vicar of Dibley with FAMDA, a performance that led to her winning the Victorian Drama League award for Best Actress.

In 2017 Christine directed the very successful musical Little Women for Singing Strong in Traralgon.

She has appeared in Nautilus’ productions of Castaway, Soliloquy, The Art of Fencing, A Chris Cross Christmas and the very popular Ghosts of Fish Creek.

Chris Dickins

Playwright Chris Dickins will also perform in Confluence at Fish Creek, opening this Friday, April 23.

Chris has written many plays over a long career.

These plays have been performed in theatres across Australia, been studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, commissioned for theatre companies and universities and led to an author’s speech at a UNESCO Conference in Frankfurt Germany.

His new work is One, a collection of monologues for young actors, which is being published in London this year.

Chris has performed sporadically over recent years after a 20-year career in professional theatre.

Director Clare Larman

Melbourne-based Clare Larman brings her experience and talent as director of Confluence.

Confluence Director is Clare Larman, a highly respected actor, writer and director who has performed in many plays in venues across Melbourne.

She is part of the dynamic duo ‘Violet and Rose’ with Maureen Hartley, who  have been creating theatre together since 1993, culminating in performances in Belfast.

 Clare’s work focuses on bringing to life our social histories and exploring the fabric of relationships.

She is also known as an actress for The Meaning of Filo (2009), MDA (2002) and SeaChange (1998).