Only weeks ago, we found out this building (Top of the Town) at 33 Bridge Street was sold to the shire. This old building, one of the oldest buildings in Korumburra, built in 1888, is to be pulled down.

In 2004, the shire decided to go around the whole shire and made an historic catalogue of heritage buildings in shire. This was one of importance, built in 1888, was a timber shore, where timber was pulled up into the top floor for timber to be cut, made into furniture, etc.

This shire document had some eight pages of historic knowledge of South Gippsland. It is catalogued as 033 in this hard to find shire document.

So, 17 years later, the shire tells us that they want to pull it down due to Korumburra Hub not fitting in its original status on block of the old kindergarten. Due to traffic problems, truck movement at Little Commercial Street, 80-plus per week, the shires plans fail.

This purchase of heritage-documented building shows no consideration of the small shopping precinct that Korumburra has access to and takes away to shop’s parking and this old building.

David Amor, Korumburra.