DEMAND for possum boxes built by Leongatha Men’s Shed skyrocketed last month so much they had to put a temporary halt on orders.

As part of a Wildlife Victoria initiative (WV), the shed has been building boxes for the general public to install on their properties.

The boxes are sold through WV who provide the design template, which is based on what works best for the possums, and the boxes are made of recycled timber.

Numerous Men’s Sheds throughout the state are also involved.

Possum Box project volunteer Mayen Pane said 529 boxes had been sold since the initiative started in 2017, with Leongatha selling 63.

“During my kick-off discussions with WV, we were approached by Paull Lahn of Leongatha Men’s Shed, who had independently come up with the idea of building boxes,” Ms Pane said.

“He had already built a couple of prototypes which he happily drove two hours to our office to show us.

“It was a no-brainer to join forces, and the mechanics of the program thus began to fall into place.”

Ms Pane said the project became so popular that in March this year, Leongatha had a record 16 orders.

“They had asked me to temporarily suspend their shed from the program while they caught up with the backlog,” she said.

Paull Lahn said he came up with the idea after his daughter asked him to build possum boxes for a lady she knew.

“I got the job of making three possum boxes for her and then when I made them, I could see it was an ideal thing for the Men’s Shed to be involved with,” he said.

“We don’t have a possum problem here, so we teamed up with the local courier who actually delivers them in the metro area.

“So that saved people in Melbourne having to go and pick their box up.”

Each box costs $55 and is suitable for both Brushtail and Ringtail possums.

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