Bayley Lawrence’s kinetic hand. Bayley is a student at Newhaven College.

NEWHAVEN College year 10 student Bayley Lawrence had a visit from principal Tony Corr during his work experience placement with former college students Mat Bowtell and Peta Strachan from Free 3D Hands.

Bayley has a keen interest in 3D printing and robotics and chose systems engineering as his year 10 elective subject. Students undertaking this subject at Newhaven College have the opportunity to study mechanical and electro-technological systems through a range of practical tasks.

Bayley approached Free 3D Hands about the possibility of doing work experience placement with them and they were eager to have him on board.

Principal Tony Corr was interested in learning about the incredible work Free 3D Hands is doing and decided to arrange a visit during Bayley’s work experience placement.

Bayley eagerly showed Tony the kinetic hand he made and even shook his hand with it.

Mat and Peta took Tony on a tour of the factory to show him their equipment and share stories of the amazing work they do.

Tony was extremely impressed and was keen to see the college continue to offer support.

“It has been wonderful having Bayley join our team this week,” Mat said.

“He has learnt to 3D print and assemble a kinetic hand and has made a Western Bulldogs-themed hand for young Tahlia, who was born without fingers on her right hand.

“Bayley has been very enthusiastic, and we are glad to have had him do his work experience with us. This year we are taking one work experience student from Newhaven College and

Wonthaggi Secondary College, and hopefully we can increase this number into the future.”

Mat thanked Tony for visiting the Free 3D Hands factory and allowing Bayley to share his learnings with him.

Bayley thanked Mat and the team for making his work experience placement such a wonderful experience.